2019: A Balanced Year

Every year I like to look for a quote to write in my notebook. I usually stick to the same three, the first by Alfred Lord Tennyson, the second by T.S. Eliot, and the third, my favorite one, by Ray Bradbury:

“Next year’s going to be even bigger, days will be brighter, nights longer and darker, more people dying, more babies born, and me in the middle of it all.”

Every year I also choose a word.  

2016 it was organization (even though I didn’t consciously choose it), 2017 was discipline, 2018 was purpose.

Why did I choose purpose?

Because I wanted there to be purpose in everything I did. I wanted that, no matter how big or how small a thing was, it needed to matter either to me or to the person in question. It needed purpose.

2018: A Year of Purpose

2018 was a weird year. A good year, but a complicated year. The international scene is reason enough to say that it more or less sucked, but not all of it was bad. On the small universe that is my life, there were a lot of changes. I struggled with money but then I got a job as a language teacher, which I love, and that helped a lot, I moved on with my masters program, despite my own insecurities, and started looking at some future possibilities, I wrote a short story that was published in an independent literary magazine, I fell in love, and I joined an association of fellow political science students. And I feel that there was purpose in all I did and almost all I started. It sometimes feels like a lot and I sometimes struggle with anxiety, but it is good. God has been good.

So my life is busier now and it is a lot more interesting than it was a year ago, but it is, and has been for a while now, somewhat out of balance.

Here’s the thing: first I had no money but a lot of time to study. I finally got a job and that went well, but then I started working with the student association (all voluntary) and I got some translation jobs (all individual projects) and I started falling behind with my studies.
After a semester of trying to juggle it all, I went on a long vacation that was amazing, but when I returned, I had left some unfinished uni projects and had little time to finish them. I did finish them and got good grades, but during that time I did not sleep well and I did not eat healthy.

Then the new semester started and I finally found my rhythm on my job, voluntary work and studies, but I stopped reading and writing almost completely. I also had virtually no social life for most of the year, but two of my best friends moved closer, and we started meeting almost every weekend, which was a refreshing break from my usual study-work-study-routine.

With all this in mind, I have decided that my word for 2019 is going to be balance.

 2019: A Balanced Year

From my routine, to my eating habits, to my social relationships, to my reading and writing, this year I want to live balanced. So, here are some of my intentions for the year:

  1. Finish all my credits and start writing my masters thesis (Ok, that one is kind of inevitable);
  2. Make time several nights a week to read (both my Bible and other books);
  3. Wake up more or less at the same time every day;
  4. Have a date night once a week;
  5. Call my friends (especially the ones who live far away) more often;
  6. Make time several mornings a week to write.

Those are my general intentions. I also have a list of blog intentions, so here’s what you can expect to find on the blog this year:

  1. New book reviews;
  2. Into the Twilight Zone: A post series on the Twilight Series, over ten years later, with fresh eyes, and a hopefully better understanding of how we perceive media for teenage girls;
  3. The joy of listening to books;
  4. Mt. Fuji or the one time I decided not to train to climb a mountain;
  5. New travel posts.

So, let’s hope that it all works out more or less like it’s intended to. Here’s T.S. Eliot for you again and here’s to us having an interesting but balanced year.

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice.”

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