Paris: The Cortazar Route, pt. 4

Saint Michel Subway Station “To me, the subway was always a transition place. I only need to go down to the subway to enter a completely different logical category… logical categories where time awareness is transformed. One makes this wild discovery that, when distracted, one experiences the sensation of living in a time that hasSigue leyendo «Paris: The Cortazar Route, pt. 4»

Paris: The Cortázar Route, pt. 2

Julio Cortázar was a writer. He wrote novels, short stories, translations and letters. Lots and lots of letters. He never wanted to write an autobiography, but he left so many letters behind, that we don’t actually need an autobiography. He also made clear that he did not like «literary letters». Back in 1942 he saidSigue leyendo «Paris: The Cortázar Route, pt. 2»

Looking for Julio in Paris

Recently, I found myself in a constant hurry because I had an exam coming and it occurred to me to also take an intensive French course. Today I can tell you I learned three important things: The level of difficulty of the third French course is incredibly higher compared to the one of the secondSigue leyendo «Looking for Julio in Paris»