Madrid, Cervantes, and Musical Theater in Mexico City

Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616) is probably the most important Spanish writer in the history of literature. He played such an important role in shaping Spanish literary culture, that echoes of him can be heard in our common sayings, in contemporary pieces of literature, in theater, movies and TV, and in other kinds of media. In short: prettySigue leyendo «Madrid, Cervantes, and Musical Theater in Mexico City»

Edinburgh: Sir Walter Scott

Good afternoon, my dearest readers! How are you today? How was your weekend? Well, here it is! The last post about my literary trip through Edinburgh. You may notice that Sir Walter Scott is in today’s title. Scott is probably the most renowned author in all of Scotland, but before we talk about his legacy andSigue leyendo «Edinburgh: Sir Walter Scott»

Edinburgh: Detectives and Pirates

Here are some of the things I learned about Edinburgh, Scotland: Edinburgh takes its status as the City of Literature very seriously. The weather is quite depressing. The coffee is ridiculously expensive. August, being the month of festivals, is perhaps not the best time of the year to walk around because it’s so full thatSigue leyendo «Edinburgh: Detectives and Pirates»

Looking for Julio in Paris

Recently, I found myself in a constant hurry because I had an exam coming and it occurred to me to also take an intensive French course. Today I can tell you I learned three important things: The level of difficulty of the third French course is incredibly higher compared to the one of the secondSigue leyendo «Looking for Julio in Paris»