Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy: Good Books, Bad Sequels

«Good Books, Bad Sequels» was the first post I ever wrote about books. It was the way in which I expressed my disappointment upon reading the second book of Ken Follett’s trilogy The Century, Winter of the World. Having read my previous thoughts, I can assure you that my opinion hasn’t changed that much. Fall ofSigue leyendo «Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy: Good Books, Bad Sequels»

Review: The House of Hades

So, a few years ago I read the «Percy Jackson and the Olympians» saga, by Rick Riordan, and I absolutely loved it. The main character is fun, the story is interesting, quick and easy (it’s for children and teenagers), and I never got bored. You won’t find a post on it, though, because I readSigue leyendo «Review: The House of Hades»

Reseña: La casa de Hades

Hace algunos años leí la saga completa de Percy Jackson y los dioses del Olimpo, de Rick Riordan, y ¡cómo la disfruté! El personaje principal es divertido, la lectura es rápida y la historia nunca aburre. No van a encontrar el post en el blog porque leí esos libros mucho antes de siquiera pensar en abrir un blog,Sigue leyendo «Reseña: La casa de Hades»

Books of February (2014)

The Mark of Athena Rick Riordan again (I warned you): «The Mark of Athena», the third book in «The Heroes of Olympus» series. I’ll be honest, it was kind of boring. I finished it because I really want to know how Riordan is planning to end this series, but I did not enjoy it asSigue leyendo «Books of February (2014)»

Books of January (2014)

The Son of Neptune The Son of Neptune, by Rick Riordan is the second young adult adventure novel from «The Heroes of Olympus». I must warn you guys, you’ll be seeing a lot of Riordan here, since I’m going to read the whole series. Ok, maybe a lot is exaggerated, just three more books. It picksSigue leyendo «Books of January (2014)»

Books of December (2013)

Last month I read almost four books (missed by a hundred pages or so). Dandelion Wine The first one was «Dandelion Wine», by Ray Bradbury. Published in 1957, it is more or less autobiographic with a touch of magic. This novel narrates one summer (summer 1928) in the life of Doug Spaulding, a young boySigue leyendo «Books of December (2013)»